Functional testing

A full-service package to ensure your system functions to your users’ ultimate contentment

Turn to functional testing in order to:

Ensure your product is developed in line with the requirements

Release the application that resonates with its end users

Get a professional assessment of software with a complex business logic

Functional testing services that cover it all

Our company delivers the full scope of functional testing services, including:

Smoke testing

The very first step of the testing process, this one is to make sure the most important features work well, before proceeding with further testing.

Interface testing

We test the user interface functionality to check how fully and correctly it meets the requirements.

Requirements-based testing

We design a precise set of test cases based on the software requirements that we analyze and validate.

Integration testing

We detect defects occurring in the interfaces as well as in the functioning of integrated components or systems as a whole.


Exploratory testing

We extend the test coverage by going beyond the predefined test suite, using cognitive thinking and clearly understanding particular software specifics and end users’ behavior.

System testing

We carry out functional system testing for all of the integrated components to evaluate how the system’s behavior corresponds to the specification.

Regression testing

We assure the changes made to the system haven’t affected its flawlessly working functionality.

Acceptance testing

We ascertain that consumers can use the software to effectively perform the tasks for which the software was built.

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Functional testing for all types of software

Whether you need web functionality testing or quality assurance of any other specific system, be sure Reins’s team has proven methods for testing a range of solutions:

Web apps

Mobile apps

Desktop apps

System utilities

Embedded systems

IoT devices and apps

Big data & analytics


We take over all the challenging work and accountability while you feel confident the desired outcomes are met. Let vast SQA background and an all-embracing next-gen testing strategy advance the quality of your end product.

How we test

We stick to a transparent approach as we perform functional app testing to ensure the high quality of our services at every step of the process.
  1. Project start
    We define business goals and build a test roadmap.

  2. Analysis
    We analyze project and software requirements.

  3. Testing
    We apply the required functional testing types wisely, combined with automated testing.

  4. Test model optimization
    We optimize as we go in order to speed up and enhance the testing cycles.

  5. Reporting
    We submit test reports and interpret the testing results.

As a result, you get:

Independent software quality assessment

Transparent work processes and smooth communication

Comprehensible testing artifacts and results along with detailed reporting

Detected critical issues before the go-live

The deadlines and QA budgets met

Why Reins?

Unique approach to training
Within 100+ ongoing educational courses in our proprietary QA Academy, we constantly learn new testing design methodologies, the intricacies of mobile and web services testing, and more to provide our clients with effective and reliable QA solutions.

Broad 2-year expertise
Our professional team of more than 40 passionate software testing engineers has successfully completed 60+ projects across multiple industries.

Effective management
We maintain a full control over the testing process along the entire SDLC.

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