Dedicated QA teams

We set up dedicated testing teams for mid- and long-term engagements of any complexity

Why build your dedicated QA team with Reins?

For over 2 years, we’ve been delivering qualified QA services to our clients worldwide. We build an optimal
dedicated team to meet your business needs while ensuring top-of-the-range software quality.

Fully transparent workflows

Knowledge retention frameworks

Zero overheads

Smart need-driven scalability

Skilled QA professionals of your choice

Impeccable work ethic

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Reach out to us to learn how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

Dedicated QA teams, Reins way

Quick start

  • Fast team ramp-up
  • Hand-picked candidates
  • Interview upon request

Smooth team integration

  • Real-time synchronization
  • Team effort optimization
  • Efficient task prioritization
  • Smart resource management
  • Integration with your environment

Process maturity

  • Access to a pool of 30+ QA professionals
  • Specialists with needed tech skills and industry-centric expertise
  • Quick team upscaling and downscaling on demand

Refined approach

  • Well-established and clear workflows
  • Time-tested bug tracking & PM tools
  • Ready-made testing toolkits

Process maturity

  • A choice of testing methodologies
  • Customizable and controllable processes
  • Adherence to the ISTQB best practices

IP protection

  • Strict confidentiality
  • Data security assured

Cooperation scenarios

On-site presence
The experts you’ve selected as your dedicated QA team members arrive at your premises and work as a part of your larger team.

Our facilities
Your dedicated team is located remotely at our office. They report to you on their progress online via secure and reliable communication channels.

Mixed engagement
Your dedicated team can be deployed across your facilities and our offices as needed, or fully distributed to work from home in case emergency policies are enforced.

Contact our team

Reach out to us to learn how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

Our stage-by-stage cooperation

What our customer says

Our dedicated team at Reins is very competent and responsive. Not just once did they provide help and worked longer hours when we had emergency at our end. Their feedback on our test models is always detailed and valuable. And we are more than happy with the testing quality.

Engagement at any SDLC stage

We have the resources and skills to contribute at any SDLC stage so that we can become an integral part of your team.


  • Requirements testing
  • Timeline review
  • Test planning
  • Test scenarios


  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Bug fixing


  • Smoke testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Test automation
  • Migration testing
  • Final test report

Maintenance & support

  • Regression testing
  • Test plan updates
  • Automation script updates

Your future team in a snapshot

Complete dedication
Our dedicated teams work on only one project at a time, so yours is fully committed to your business goals and values.

Transparent communication policy
Your team is accessible daily via regular meetings, one-on-ones with the members and managers, and PM tools with shared access.

Reduced over-budgeting risks
Our billing model is based on preset monthly payments. This helps you plan your spending and avoid unexpected costs.

Knowledge accumulation and transfer
As the work goes on, your dedicated team makes use of our proven knowledge management practices to retain and share their knowledge and skills with new team members or your staff.

Proactive quality assurance
Apart from regular reporting, your team is open to proactively share their recommendations on how to optimize the testing process and your product quality overall.

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