Big Data Testing

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Why choose lifecycle QA by Reins?

Unfailing performance

Ensure smooth big data processing and output under expected and extreme loads.

Data integrity

Eliminate the risks of data loss, corruption and pollution within your ecosystem.

Usability and accessibility

Check how user-centric your big data analytics is in terms of its management and presentation.

360-degree security

Protect your architecture against disruptions and breaches.

Continuous oversight

Always keep your big data quality in check with testing automation.

Competent guidance

Receive detailed test reports together with actionable advice on leveling up your big data solution.

All-round big data testing by Reins

We employ a wealth of testing strategies for your big data architecture.

Process testing

The Reins team will verify that incoming data gets correctly extracted from its sources and finds its way into the storageexamine data processing workflows, and validate output to the data warehouse.

Performance testing

Across the many stages of big data performance testing, we will assess data throughput, memory usage, and operation execution time, as well as put your system under various loads to understand its capacity limits.

Architecture testing

Our team will run full-scale testing on your big data architecture to track down possible redundancies, data flow bottlenecks, and inconsistencies in the business logic.

Security testing

The Reins team will evaluate the security of data sources, encryption standards, key management, and server and cloud storage, in order to test the system’s resistance to viruses, malware and other kinds of tampering.

UX/UI testing

We will look into the UX/UI of your big data visualizations and perform A/B testing to ensure the dashboards are intuitive for both professional analysts and less adept users.

Test automation

With automated testing of big data, we will streamline repetitive tests to set up 24/7 supervision of your data management touchpoints.

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Well-versed in big data technologies

Proficient in multiple tools, platforms and frameworks, we will find our way around testing big data architectures built with Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm or any combination of the following:

  • Talend
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Pentaho
  • Qlik
  • MapReduce

a1qa is all set for testing your big data

Overarching competency

Reins relies on its multi-disciplinary professionals with various competencies to tick off every testing aspect.

Multi-industry insight

Wielding a solid expertise in multiple industries and sectors, we can map out a testing strategy seamlessly aligned with your business specifics.

Commitment to data safety

Our testing team abides by international data protection laws and will strictly comply in its solutions with any applicable regulations, like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other.

Always in touch

The Reins team will keep you updated on your testing activities and progress at all times. We are always open to informed discussions and feedback.

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